We Empower Nature

At Kinross, we strive to restore the power of nature and utilize environmentally friendly techniques to help revive and rejuvenate soil, water, air and the biological ecosystem.


Our products have been tried, tested, and proven to work in wide-ranging applications.

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We Want to Regenerate the Planet

We developed KinAqua using our proprietary clusters of microorganisms which are trained to sustain harsh environments. Using KinAqua and a combination of natural animal and plant waste, we developed KinTerra through a rigorous composting process. Using both KinAqua and KinTerra, we are able to restore the quality of soil and biodiversity to its natural state. Hence anywhere that needs soil regeneration, they will require our solution.

Our Vision is to Regenerate the Planet

With KinAqua and KinTerra, we are able to restore the quality of soil to nearly ” BLACK SOIL” that is high in Humic Acid. When we improve the quality of soil, the soil structure improves allowing it to retain more water as well as capture more soil carbon hence increasing the concentration of Soil Organic Matter. When Soil Organic Matter increases, the conditions for agriculture will improve tremendously.

Our Services

1 Innovative Solutions

Innovative solutions

Kinross is committed to our efforts to create solutions that empower nature and are also sustainable.

2 Products


Our regenerative products are proven effective in diverse soil conditions and are 100% naturally sourced. Biomimetic restoratives are designed to replace toxic artificial fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides.

3 Core Technology

Core Technology

Our core technology that consists of a virtuous cycle of KinAqua, KinTerra, KinBioReactor among others, are used to revitalize the planet.

Latest News

Panama Disease is Curable

Panama Disease is Curable

Understand it! Overcome it! How do the banana trees fall sick?Fusarium fungus Pathogenesis & treatment strategies! Establishing a disease-free environment for bananas using the three-circle control method Biological Materials Application KinAqua Extra: It...

Business Expansion in Philippines

Business Expansion in Philippines

May – June 2023 The Philippines is an important agricultural country that we have identified to start our soil regeneration projects. With the help of local partners, we identified Bukidnon Manolo Fortich as the main area for our KinTerra trial production. We managed...

Visit to Mongolia

Visit to Mongolia

25 - 30 June 2023 The purpose of the visit to Mongolia is to sign a Distribution Agreement and to start bringing Kinross technology to Mongolia to help the government and farmers of Mongolia. Above picture is the signing of the agreement between the respective CEOs of...

Trip to Palembang Indonesia

Trip to Palembang Indonesia

13 -14 June 2023 The purpose of the Indonesia trip is to vist some of the plantation owners and to bring our Kinross Technology over to start some collaboration partnerships.

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